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Our Simple, Affordable
"I Can't Believe It's This Easy"
Social Media Content Plans

Working with Cre8tiv3 Design has been amazing so far. The Unique Plan has helped me grow our social media following with content that I wouldn't have even thought to post. Highly recommend!


Our Popular Plans 

Month-to-month. No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.

  • Brand Builder

    Every month
    Facebook and Instagram
    • 5 weekly posts
    • Long-form content; 1,000 to 1,500 characters in length
    • Informational in nature and will not include a link
    • Same post goes to both networks
    • 5-10 searchable hashtags
  • Most popular Plan

    Daily Plan

    Every month
    Facebook + Google my Business, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest
    • Facebook plus one other Network
    • 7 weekly posts (1 / day)
    • Short-form content; 280 characters or less in length
    • Posts are driven toward call-to action to visit link attach
    • Same post goes to both networks
    • 3-5 searchable hashtags
  • Daily Unique

    Every month
    Instagram, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest
    • Pick 2 Networks
    • 14 weekly posts (2 / day)
    • Short-form content; 280 characters or less in length
    • Posts are driven toward call-to action to visit link attach
    • Unique post for each network
    • 3-5 searchable hashtags
    • 7 weekly posts (if selected)

* Network of choice options are Google My Business, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Custom graphics are not included.

Other add-on networks available are Google My Business and LinkedIn.

Custom graphics are not included.

† Network of choice options are Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Custom graphics are not included.

By signing up, you agree to our terms of service.

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"The Daily Plan has been perfect for my new, small business. Not having to worry about my social media presence is a huge stress reliever. This is a great package for anyone who already has PLENTY to do, or in other words, every business owner."


Also Included with each plan

Daily posts to Facebook and at least one other network of your choice. You'll get fresh, relevant content posted to your social media accounts once per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Yes, even holidays! Consistency and engagement for your community; time and peace-of-mind for you.

Content personalized to your business, and never recycled. Each post is hand-written by one of our amazing Content Specialists to be unique to your audience and niche, demonstrating your expertise and sparking interest within your community.

Ongoing promotion of your products or services. Years of experience and thousands of clients have taught us how to strike just the right balance of self-promotion on social media. We will strategically link to your website to get people clicking through. Make that sale!

Content curation and customization by a well-educated, trained, and native-language writer. Our Content Specialists are put through a rigorous vetting process and our comprehensive training program before they ever create your content. Rest assured your social pages are in good hands.

Not ready to commit?

Reach out now for a no-obligation chat about your social media needs.
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